Apple’s Quality and the Effects on the Status Quo

Each one of Apple’s Hit Products has delivered quality and ease of use that surpassed all contemporary rivals at the time of their initial launch and they continue to outclass competitor products years later. Why does Apple continue to enjoy significant growth? What is it about their products that have put this company ahead of its competitors who have been in established markets for a very long time?

The automobile, for example, did not become popular until 1908 when Henry Ford produced the Model T.

Other automobiles were manufactured at the time but none made a global impact in the way Ford’s Model T did.

Ford’s assembly-line production brought the cost of the automobile to an affordable level and made this technological marvel accessible to a greater majority of the population to own.

In doing so, Ford ultimately changed the way people traveled and influenced the development of modern society. Henry Ford’s goal for the Model T was that it would be a “car for the great multitude.”

He wanted it to be large enough for a family, but small enough for the individual to run and care for. It will be constructed of the best materials, by the best men to be hired, after the simplest designs that modern engineering can devise. But it will be “low in price that no man making a good salary will be unable to own one”.

The key factor to appreciate here is that the days of the horse and buggy were numbered as this revolutionary technology, that was now accessible to everyone, had delivered a concept of mobility to the populace that was never dreamed of before.

When Apple introduced the Macintosh, it introduced the graphical user interface to the masses. This allowed for mere mortals to interact with machines in an intuitive and relatively simple manner, it broke down the obstacles for the average person to utilize its functions and increase their productivity while eliminating the need for years of technical training.

Apple delivered bleeding edge technology that challenged the status quo and profoundly influenced the future of personal computing. Every PC went on to incorporate that same graphical user interface that is the de facto standard for the majority of personal and mobile computers today.

In much the same way that Henry Ford brought a revolutionary technology to the populace, Apple has implemented revolutionary technology in the form of the Mac, the iPod and the iPhone and has advanced technology above and beyond what the prevailing machines of the time offered. All these products are highly successful for Apple with tremendous room for growth and they have given the company a much sought after financial cushion to weather a downturn in the present economy.

All of these high quality, affordable, cutting edge products push the envelope in technological advancement to profoundly change how people interact with technology and each other to alter the development of society for the better.

Apple’s focus on making the consumer experience enjoyable, coupled with a Wayne Gretzky philosophy of ‘skating to where the puck will be and not where it has been,’ continuously has allowed Apple to reinvent itself and create extraordinary products that test the limits of human imagination.

Speaking of automobiles, with the recent news of General Motors possibly falling into bankruptcy, I can not help but wonder why the automobile industry did not invest resources in future technologies like alternative fuels or more efficient engines years ago to provide products that would be relevant with changing times.

Perhaps those actions could have helped to avoid collapse and the resultant loss of jobs. If history is any indication, preserving the status quo does relatively little to help any business emerge as a leader in their field or stay relevant forever. It only furthers to deter advancement of humankind making it difficult to promote progress in a constantly evolving world.

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