Remember the Milk App for the iPhone

One of the more important features missing from the iPhone is an application that functions as a personal organizer or task manager. While the Calendar application has the ability to schedule tasks, it is often better suited to manage a busy schedule of events, such as a hectic day of meetings with different clients and venues, than to help you manage a general “to do” list.

In order to fill this void, recently a plethora of to-do and task management applications have bombarded the App Store.

While all of the programs attempt to help you get things done, an application named “Remember the Milk” is rather exceptional.

Remember the Milk rises above the rest with features such as a superb user experience, infrequent crashes, no glaring bugs and integration with many web, mobile and calendar services.

The features and advantages of Remember the Milk include:

  • Intuitive Interface with support for 18 languages
  • Syncs with, where you can access your tasks using any standard web browser
  • Offline management of your tasks with auto sync when an online connection is established
  • Full featured input fields such as task name, lists, priority, due date and times, repeat, tags and location
  • Organizes and sorts tasks according to different attributes, such as tags, location and priority
  • A simple user interface allows for the quick and easy adding and editing tasks as well as postponing or completing tasks
  • Notes can be added to any task for quick reference
  • URLs, email addresses and phone numbers will automatically link to Safari, Mail and Phone apps, respectively
  • Location awareness is supported to see tasks that may be due nearby
  • Contains a search feature, which enables you to find tasks easily
  • Reminders can be delivered by email, SMS and a host of different instant messengers, including AIM, iChat, Google Talk, Skype, MSN/ Windows Live and Yahoo!
  • Remember the Milk integrates with Apple’s iCal, OS X Dashboard, Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter and more
  • Customizable tab bar, support for landscape mode for a larger keyboard and complete management of lists, tags and locations

To Use Remember the Milk with your iPhone, you have to upgrade to a Pro account that costs $25 per year, however there is a 15-day free trial period.

Remember the Milk has been around for over three years and the developers worked meticulously on the iPhone App to produce a powerful and polished program with integrated service.

They took their time to deliver a fine task management application that is stable and user friendly. If you want to get organized with a powerful tool with a fast learning curve, $25 is well worth the price of admission for this service. You will also receive priority support, which can be extremely important if you depend on an application to perform vital tasks for you.

In my use of Remember the Milk thus far, it has not crashed, frozen or corrupted any of my crucial information. It is also reassuring to know that if a problem does arise, I can expect prompt support.

I have used both desktop and iPhone versions of Omnifocus and other task managers over the years and I can say without reservation that Remember the Milk excels in comparison with regard to its simplicity of use, platform independence and comprehensive integration abilities for sync, sharing and reminders.

Remember the Milk for the iPhone is highly recommended and can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.

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