1Password: The only password manager worth remembering!

These days it is entirely plausible to have hundreds of passwords for online services and memberships. One has the seemingly impossible task of memorizing all of one’s passwords if you utilize strong passwords in an effort to thwart theft or tampering of sensitive personal information. Having to remember all those login details is near impossible without some assistance from a well-protected and secure password management application.
1Password is just that.

Many programs do a fine job of organizing and encrypting your sensitive information but in practical real-world everyday use, they are somewhat cumbersome to implement.

You have to navigate to the website you wish to access with your browser and then launch the application that stores your login details.

Once you find the information you need, you have to either copy and paste or, worse, type the information manually into the login entry fields which can be difficult depending on the strength and length of your password.

With 1Password from Agile Web Solutions, you need only remember one master password to gain access to the plethora of usernames and passwords that you accumulate while traversing the digital world from home or at work. It also securely fills out most online forms, including credit card information forms.

Some key features of this application are:

Direct integration into most browsers like Safari, Firefox and Camino. This eliminates the need to switch or launch new applications when finding your passwords or filling out online forms.

Automatic generation of strong passwords. If you have the bad habit of using easy to remember passwords, or worse yet, using the same easy to use password for multiple sites, then you are at high risk for information theft. 1Password can generate long, extremely difficult to guess passwords to prevent compromise of your personal information.

Anti-Phishing and Keylogger Protection. Phishing and Kelogging are techniques that criminals use to steal your sensitive information.

Phishing fools you into divulging your bank or Paypal account information through bogus website domains that appear to be legitimate. 1Password recognizes and remembers the domain of each site that you log into and will not offer the login information if those domains do not match.

Keylogging captures your keystrokes, unbeknownst to you, and reveals your private information to criminals that can gain access to any of those sensitive accounts or open new credit cards using your captured information, leaving you as the responsible party. 1Password thwarts this technique by automatically filling out credit card forms or identification and password information. This is done without the use of the keyboard or clipboard, thereby rendering keylogging ineffective.

Mac OS X Keychain. An additional concern that relates to a program that “stores” all of your sensitive information relates to the compromise of this database. The advantage of this application is that it stores all of your information within the Mac OS X Keychain utility. The Keychain is a core component of the Mac operating system that is itself very secure and constantly monitored by Apple with frequent and consistent refinements as needed for continued security. Your information can also be backed up and used across separate Macs via MobileMe.

Lastly, all your information can be synced and mobilized through your iPhone/iPod Touch or Palm device.

I highly recommend this award-winning program. I use it daily and feel secure (;-) that my foray into the digital realm is fraught with one less danger and that my personal information will not easily fall into the hands of criminals in search of an illegal handout.

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