Apple Macs in the Enterprise Market 

Is Apple going to boldly go where it has never gone before, courtesy of the Enterprise?

It seems as though the enterprise market is beginning to understand the benefit of incorporating Apple into their long-term plans. The information gleaned from this report shows just how far Apple is making inroads into the business environment.

A recent survey of Information Technology Intelligence Corp. (ITIC) reveals some very encouraging news on the enterprise business front for Apple.

The Boston-based research and consulting firm performed a worldwide survey consisting of 700 top level executives and IT managers.

Approximately 85% of the respondents were located in North America. 

The results of the survey with respect to the Mac are as follows:

  • Macs have some presence in four out of five businesses.
  • Approximately 70% of respondents stated that they will allow their employees in the next 12 months, to use Macs as their corporate desktops.
    This willingness is remarkable because it is double the rate of an earlier survey taken over two years ago.
  • Half of those surveyed stated that they plan to increase integration with the iPhone as an alternative to Research in Motion’s Blackberry devices for mobile email.
  • Seven out of ten rated the security on Mac OS X as “excellent” or “very good.”
  • 82% rated Mac OS X as “excellent” or “very good” in terms of reliability.
  • 30% run Microsoft’s Windows XP or Vista on Macs through virtualization via VMware Fusion or Parallels.

These findings are very good news for Apple.  Most businesses find it difficult to embrace new technology, especially if there is an upfront cost associated with new products and training.

There is a realization in the business community that Apple may now be more competitive in respect of system costs and that security and reliability are necessities in a business computer system.

These are characteristic traits embodied by the Mac and the presence of these features can oftentimes can mean the difference between success and failure.

The perception of the Mac noted above and its ability to integrate well with most established computer systems, in addition to its ability to be utilized in expansive and adaptable roles, demonstrate the Mac as a powerhouse device that can be relied upon to boldly take your business where no computer system has gone before!

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