Apple’s Business: Why Macs Are Great for Business

Apple maintains a solid commitment to its customers. Apple’s fortitude in its ability to be nimble in adapting and incorporating powerful advanced technologies that are easy both to set up and use in addition to its ability to provide unparalleled support to its users makes it a very unique company, especially when it comes to business. Here’s why……

Increasingly strong signs of the Mac’s purposeful resurgence in the business sector can be seen.

When Steve Jobs left Apple in the mid 1980s and started his own computer company called NeXT, he understood that the next generation operating system would have to be built on a stable and reliable foundation where multitasking, security and networking would be paramount.

NeXT’s target markets were higher education and certain businesses so it would not compete directly with Apple’s market at the time. NeXT developed NeXTSTEP, a UNIX based, object-oriented, multitasking operating system. Apple bought NeXT in December 1996 in order to use NeXTSTEP as the basis for the new Mac Operating System.

Approximately three years later, Mac OS X made its public debut.

NeXTSTEP was engineered to be processor-independent, meaning it could run on any computer processor such as Power PC, Intel x86, etc. This made the Mac OS X transition to Intel chips in 2006 possible and thereby gave Apple leverage of Intel’s rapid and advanced development that it could offer over its competitors.

Because Apple did not pool its bets on one company to provide a critical hardware component for its products, it was not limited in its options when IBM could not advance its PowerPC processors to stay ahead of, or at least keep up with the competition.

Apple is notoriously obsessed with having control over every component of its products. Since there are few major computing components that it does not design or manufacture, a certain degree of secrecy puts Apple in a very powerful position to continue to deliver unique products and stay extremely competitive.

While Apple may design the majority of its hardware, it is still limited to some extent by the components provided by third party companies. If those companies stagnate and do not deliver components that meet Apple’s high standards, Apple is flexible enough to do what it must – create its own products – in order to push the envelope to stay competitive and environmentally-sensitive in the rapidly changing technological landscape.

Although the basic internal hardware components of Apple computers are not that different from their Windows PC counterparts, when compared to its Windows PC counterparts, Apple places greater emphasis on developing its hardware and its software in concert. Apple is able to adapt its hardware to its software and vice versa.

This puts Apple in the best position to maximize the compatibility between hardware and software. As a result, the user experiences a transparent operating system, greater productivity, and zero-configuration set up and networking out of the box, as well as many other advantages.

Now why would this concern you, the consumer, or your business?

As a consumer using a computer, you surf the web, catch up on current events, write emails, read blogs and enjoy watching entertaining video clips on various topics. If the computer crashed or froze once in a while, it would be an annoyance at best and an inconvenience at worst.

However, if this occurred at work, in a business that you own, where you generate your livelihood and where people rely on you to accomplish extremely important work for them, this could become a catastrophe of the worst order very quickly.

Unless you can keep at least one IT professional on-call 24/7 and have them available at a moment’s notice, you could be looking at not only lost production for downtime, but loss of future revenue from new and existing business.

The simplicity, reliability, stability and strong security and networking abilities inherent in the Mac OS X makes the Mac an extremely useful and reliable computer and affords an unrivaled personal and professional user experience.

Apple understands that a positive experience with its products could translate into a professional or business application by those very same consumers. Indeed, this observation has already been recognized. 

Moreover, the support that Apple delivers for both consumers and professionals is superb for both telephone, internet and hands-on assistance at the Genius Bars that can be found within Apple stores worldwide.

If there is an issue related to the hardware, operating system or software that is made by Apple, you will receive superb tech support from the people that make these products instead of dealing with a variety of third party companies.

Apple is continually progressing, advancing technology and bringing it to the people. With each new major operating system upgrade that is delivered, which occurs on a fairly rapid release schedule, the stability and speed usually increases, and we all know that this is not always the case for Windows upgrades.

In addition, Apple’s new notebooks that were announced in October have been designed with materials that emphasize a significant environmental sensitivity in a bold move intended to bring environmental responsibility to corporate America.

Apple aggressively works with its different hardware component partners such as Intel and NVIDIA to advance its software technology. One example is OpenCL (Open Computing Language). It was developed by Apple and is a new open standard that allows for developers to utilize the vast computing power of the Graphics Processor Units for general computing functions.

This would greatly increase computational power without waiting for the Central Processing Unit to evolve enough to deliver this power when it can be harnessed with technology that is available today.

An interesting move on Apple’s part was when they bought PA Semiconductor to work on a custom ARM chip for the iPhone that would help Apple distinguish themselves from the rest of the mobile handset makers in the market.

Its continuing commitment to advance its products can be seen throughout most of its history, but especially in the last decade.

With Apple products, you can set up and maintain your business office computing system without hassle, using competitively priced Apple Macs with little, if any, assistance from third party IT professionals adding to your expenses.

You could do so with the understanding that the company that brought you these great products continues to innovate for and empower you, thereby freeing you to concentrate primarily on serving your customers, clients or patients.

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