Apple Mac, It’s Your Birthday!

Twenty five years ago the Mac made its debut on January 24, 1984. This machine was responsible for fundamentally redefining how we interact with computers today. The experience each of us enjoy when using our computers could have been mostly painful and agonizing, not to mention require formal schooling to perform the most menial of tasks. But thanks to Apple, the world changed and became a better place.

Happy Birthday Mac and many more!

Just as Apple changed the way people interact with computers, Apple is doing it all over again, this time with the iPhone.

The “computers” of tomorrow may have different form factors and even more intuitive and simplistic user interfaces.

I wonder what the Mac of the future will look like, what it will be able to accomplish and what will be happening in the world at that time.

It’s always fun dreaming of the future….

Here are some interesting links from the past: 25 years ago and the launch of the Mac to be exact….

Cue the links:

1984 Macintosh Ad introduction

Macintosh Demonstration, 1984

Famous Macintosh Superbowl Ad, 1984

Five More Original Mac Ads, 1984

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