Making Dinner Reservations on your iPhone Without Hassle and Without Talking to Anyone!

Valentine’s day creeping up on you quickly? Out of ideas for taking your loved one out “for that special night?” Or any other night for that matter? Don’t have time to look up and call several different restaurants to find out if they have the cuisine or reservations available for the times you are interested in? Well fortunately, there is a service that can make this task easy, even on the go, with just a few clicks on your iPhone or iPod Touch, and it is called OpenTable!

OpenTable is a company that supplies reservation, table management and guest management software to over 10,000 restaurants throughout North America, Europe and Japan. It automates the process of taking reservations and managing tables. It also allows restaurants to build extensive diner databases to enhance guest recognition and allow for precise email marketing.

OpenTable runs the website, which is considered to be the most popular website for making reservations online. They have now developed an iPhone/iPod Touch app that can perform these functions directly with ease from your device. Because OpenTable has a live internet connection into the restaurants themselves, you’re seeing “real time” table availability and your reservations are instantly confirmed.

For you the diner, OpenTable delivers the ability to find available tables that meet your specific criteria, such as location, dining date, desired time and party size. Making reservations is free and can be done at anytime, day or night, thereby eliminating the need to remind yourself to call the restaurant when it opens to speak to the hostess just to find out there is no table availability for the date and time you’re looking for!

Registered users (registration on is free) have access to a few extra perks with the iPhone/iPod Touch app. Registered users can manage upcoming reservations, get directions to a restaurant and send email with reservation details to friends. These users can also earn Dining Points towards free or discounted meals at OpenTable Restaurants!

In addition, this application will allow you to:

  • Plan ahead and book reservations in another city or country
  • Peruse restaurant menus via web view, if available
  • Autofill search allows you to choose the exact restaurant you are looking for out of a large search result
  • Specify up to 100 restaurants nearest to your current location in a search
  • Refine results by filtering them by cuisine and price
  • Quickly access current and recent reservations, as well as the last three locations selected

This service is great for all the reasons mentioned above but also because OpenTable will email you with special restaurant promotions. This is especially true for Valentine’s day dining! Aside from making the reservation process go smoothly, OpenTable can also help with suggesting venues that you may be interested in trying out if you’re the more adventurous type!

OpenTable for the iPhone and iPod Touch helps me find great dining experiences here in Las Vegas with ease, convenience and speed. It reduces the annoyances leading up to such dining experiences to let you concentrate on that great night out with your loved one, family, friends or even your business partners!

*iPhone only supports OpenTable reservations in the US, Canada and the UK only.

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