Turn Text into Art with Art Text 2

Have you ever wanted to jazz up that family website or business presentation with unique headings or textual graphics? What about creating memorable logos or icons for those brochures or flyers that announce your personal special event or professional meeting? Dare to stand out in the crowd with Art Text 2. You can project an impressive and expensive look for a reasonable price without the need for specialized graphic design skills!

What really impressed me about Art Text 2 from Belight Software ($39.95 Standard edition), was its ease of use resulting in high quality textual graphics in a short amount of time.

Within 5 minutes and very little effort, I created a new “register” button for this website.

The new button lends the site an extra flair, hopefully adding an additional layer of style for our readers’ enjoyment.

Mind you, I don’t purport to possess any graphic design skills and yet within minutes of launching Art Text, I was able to create and modify the button quickly with minimal effort thanks to the simple, easy-to-use interface in addition to the abundant and robust templates that accompany the program.

All the modifications can be witnessed instantly in real time thereby allowing for accurate changes to be made rapidly.

To give you the ability to instantly begin working on that heading, icon, logo or web button project, Art Text 2 allows you to:

  • Choose from over 200 fully customizable ready-made templates and 100 styles
  • Choose from 600 vector icons and shapes that can produce unique designs utilizing multiple layers
  • Choose from 190 ready-made textures and 245 materials such as glass, metal or plastic
  • Customize materials through the built in editor and import images to customize textures
  • Choose from 100 additional fonts included in the Retail edition (for an additional $10)
  • Create complex and distinctive graphics by merging layers and blending objects
  • Fill objects with different gradient types, colors and textures
  • Add realistic shadows, a luminous glow, strokes
  • Customize or create your own materials
  • Export final design into a myriad of common file formats, TIFF, PDF, JPEG, EPS, GIFF and PNG
  • Copy and Paste final design into Apple Pages, iWeb, Keynote or Microsoft Office
  • Integrate with other BeLight Applications allowing you to automatically import your custom Design into Disc Cover, Business Card Composer, Labels & Addresses and Swift Publisher

In my use of this application, I can say that it does not require much knowledge or skill in graphic design to achieve stunning results. The abundance of templates and materials to choose from, coupled with its straightforward user interface puts powerful tools in your hands to create beautiful, high quality textual graphics.

You can use this program to impress your friends or for enhancing your business. Catching the attention of your audience can be difficult with the multitude of distractions and competition prevalent throughout our society today.

In order to garner awareness toward you or your brand, you must set yourself apart. Art Text 2 can help do just that.

I have already applied this application to generate flyers for advertising the various medical procedures my office offers. For a fraction of the cost of hiring professional designers and printers, I can generate advertising that looks professional in a relatively short period of time.

In today’s economy, maximizing your exposure to the public or your colleagues while minimizing costs associated with advertising can help keep your practice or business healthy and thriving.

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