Customer Care: The True Story of a Mac in Distress!

Recently, my iMac at home began experiencing graphic distortions that affected desktop icons and a myriad of different applications. Also, while editing and organizing my iPhoto library, kernel panics began to occur with increasing frequency whereas before there were none. So after performing an archive and install of OS X Leopard with no change in my iMac’s troubling behavior, I decided to take it to the Apple Store for a little Customer Care in person. Find out what my experience was like…… and why you might care.

So do Macs have problems like hardware failures? Isn’t that in the exclusive realm of the Windows PC?

Any machine can develop issues—whether it’s a Mac or PC.

Just like any surgical procedure can have associated complications no matter how talented the surgeon.

However, the mark of a good doctor is one that will manage complications well with attention directed not only to the physical ailment, but the human element, by exhibiting compassion and personal care, as well.

Personable customer care at any Apple Store via the Mac Genius delivers a superior experience than undertaking the onerous task of sorting out over the phone the appropriate PC hardware or software vendor to address the serious issue that is preventing you from using your computer for your personal or business needs.

I set up a Genius Bar appointment online the day before. When I arrived at the Town Square Store, the Apple employee who greeted me at the door, recognized that I had my iMac in tow and promptly asked me if I had an appointment with a Mac Genius.

After my affirmative reply, he proceeded to check me in. Within 5 minutes I was face to face with a pleasant looking female Mac Genius. I described my iMac’s recent dysfunctional habits.

After another few minutes of the Genius interacting with the computer and wielding her diagnostic expertise, I was informed that a new Logic Board (a.k.a Motherboard) was needed.

The iMac in question was an original Intel Core Duo model that was nearly three years old from its original date of purchase and it was covered under AppleCare. The part needed was not in stock but was ordered the same day.

A few days later I got a call from the Apple Store informing me that my computer was ready to be picked up.

After work I headed over to Town Square once again to pick up my iMac. Again, I was greeted with enthusiasm and respect.

A different Mac Genus explained exactly what was done and what it would have cost me had the warranty expired (almost $700!). I quickly thanked him, scooped up my iMac and took off for home eager to see if the computer’s woes had indeed been addressed and restored to a trouble-free state.

I have been using the iMac for the last two weeks and have not been met with any untoward computing episodes thus far. It appears that Apple indeed corrected the problem.

As Apple outlined in their “Get a Mac” ad, customer care is just as important as the computer’s specifications, design and function.

This is in contrast to Microsoft’s “Laptop Hunters” ads, which neglect to mention much of Vista or Microsoft attributes, and instead take aim at the bottom line only.

I have been in the position of trying to get support for a PC. Between the hardware company (HP, Dell, etc.), Microsoft and/or any other independent software company, obtaining support was always much more complicated and infuriating than it is now with my personal Apple Mac.

The same is true for my office as well. All the machines have AppleCare, which translates into a three-year extended warranty with free phone support, all to be had for a nominal fee upon purchase.

When people attempt to breakdown value as a function of price as it relates solely to component pricing and do not take into account intangible items such as a superior product with solid research and development and spectacular customer support, then that consumer is not making the best decision for the long-run.

Ask yourself, will you be willing to pay more over time in IT support and frustration or a little more upfront but have the ability to minimize confusion and troubleshooting while maximizing productivity without the frustration and added expense of IT support?

The answer for me is clear, Apple Macs will afford you the latter and you’ll be much happier because of it.

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