Perform Mass Mailings and Label Inventory Easily with Labels & Addresses

Labels and Addresses from BeLight Software is a superb application that is used daily in my office mainly to print addresses on envelopes and streamline mass mailings. However, it also can be used to print bar codes and price tags and it can allow you to design postcards and party invitations. In today’s difficult economic climate, multifunctional software applications that can help to make your business more efficient by streamlining your work flow, reducing inefficiency and maximizing your productivity should be utilized. Labels and Addresses does just that and it doesn’t disappoint.

Mail is still an extremely important communication tool that has not yet been entirely replaced by electronic mail or instant messaging, at least in the healthcare industry.

Because of its continued importance especially in the work place, a dependable, flexible and easy–to-use solution such as Labels and Addresses (formerly Mail Factory) is a necessity.

This program was made for the professional in mind with a number of features that cannot be found in other similar applications.

Envelopes, labels, barcodes and batch address printing can be accomplished utilizing information directly from Apple’s AddressBook, Microsoft Excel and Entourage, Now Contact, Filemaker, vCards and delimited text files, and the data can also be entered manually and stored within the application’s built-in database.

Details of the selected address are seen on the label or envelope during the design stage, enhancing your ability to edit with confidence knowing that the final printout will look exactly the way you designed it.

Customizable print lists can be created by combining addresses from different sources.

For instance, some addresses can be pulled from AddressBook and some from Entourage, etc. The addresses can then be modified directly within Labels and Addresses without the need to edit them in their original application.

Also, the application correctly formats addresses for more than 50 countries. It prints Intelligent Mail, USPS POSTNET, Canada Post and Royal Mail barcodes on labels and envelopes for fast and accurate delivery.

Labels and Addresses is compatible with hundreds of label layouts such as Avery, APLI, A-One and many other layouts used by US, European and Asian companies.

You can choose specific label positions on which to print—allowing the re-use of partially used label sheets.

In addition, there is support for multiple label printers such as DYMO, LabelWriter, Seiko, Brother and many more including Zebra printers, which are high-speed printers that are used by businesses such as Fed Ex and USPS.

One of the attributes that sets this program apart from many others is the ability to create personalized and professional correspondence using dozens of ready-made designs with the ability to choose from over 100 additional fonts and over 24,000 supplied images.

Overall, the application is easy to use, versatile and quite customizable. Video screencasts to illustrate how the program works are available on their website.

Labels and Addresses has streamlined my office mailing system, lent a more professional and polished appearance to it and allowed my staff to concentrate more on patient care than on the outgoing mail.

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