Steve Jobs Received a Liver Transplant (UPDATE)

The Wall Street Journal reported late friday night that Steve Jobs had undergone liver transplant surgery two months ago in Tennessee. Jobs is reportedly recuperating well from the procedure. In addition, the CEO is expected to return to work at the end of this month as scheduled, albeit part-time for a month or two at the recommendation of his physicians.

The WSJ did not provide a source for this report and timed it favorably for Apple given that it was printed the day after one of Apple’s most successful product launches, the iPhone 3G S, and after the financial markets closed for the weekend.

CNBC did obtain verification of this information from two sources.

Although Apple would not confirm the report, an Apple Spokesperson did state that Mr. Jobs still looks forward to returning to work at Apple later this month.

WSJ further reported that the current Chief Operating Officer and the man responsible for running day–to-day operations for the last 6 months while Jobs was on medical leave, Tim Cook, would take on a more “encompassing role” and may be appointed to the Apple Board in the near future.

Speculation centers around what the impetus was for the surgery. The specific reasons for this aggressive treatment are unknown.

The answer at this point may be moot as the company has continued to succeed throughout Jobs’ medical leave. Such continued success in spite of Jobs’ absence may be enough to keep investors relatively placated.

I truly believe that the fate of Apple rests not only in the hands of its founder but rather in the people, culture and vision that Steve Jobs infused when he returned to Apple over 10 years ago.

More information will likely be forthcoming (due to privacy regulations and HIPAA, the information disseminated about Mr. Jobs’ health would have to be approved by Mr. Jobs himself), from Apple or maybe even directly from Steve Jobs himself about his health, including his diagnosis, treatment and overall prognosis as well as what role he will play at the company over the next few years.

Hopefully he can regain his good health and return to what he loves doing……

Wishing you a speedy recovery and many more years of health, happiness and life from everyone here at AppleHits!

UPDATE: Apple announced that they sold more than 1 million iPhone 3GS models over the opening weekend. Steve Jobs himself was quoted in that press release, something that has not occurred since the beginning of his medical leave in January.

UPDATE 2: Methodist University Hospital Transplant Institute has confirmed (with the patient’s permission) that Steve Jobs did indeed receive a liver transplant at their facility.

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