Value the Apple Way; Why the iPhone and Mac Maker is Poised to Take Over the World

As expected, Apple shattered Wall Street’s expectations and reported stellar quarterly financials, again. So why the excitement and hype surrounding this expectation? Why in the midst of the greatest economic recession of our generation is this company flying high (financially speaking) and poised to fly higher? It’s a little something I like to call “Value.”

Value: the worth of something compared to the price paid or asked for it.

This is the definition that I speak of for the word value as it relates to Apple’s products.

As money gets tight, people no longer frivolously spend their earnings on items that are poorly made, have a short life span or isn’t capable of performing multiple functions.

The nice thing about Apple products, aside from their intuitive and elegant interface and design and great customer service, is that each of its devices allow you to perform multiple tasks by virtue of their software. This is especially true for the iPhone because the perception of “Value” to the consumer is brought into focus due to the wireless carrier subsidies.

For the one-time fee of $199 or $299 you can essentially purchase a compact cell phone, iPod, netbook and pretty much any other useful product when adding nominally priced applications from the App Store!

As a result of a price reduction of the MacBook Pro notebook line up as well as the recent launch of the new, highly sought after iPhone, a healthy and robust growth phase is occurring, which growth will continue for the company for the foreseeable future.

Apple’s most recent financial quarterly results bear that out and shame its competitors into acknowledging their own shortcomings. Producing devices for years that turned a profit for themselves and gave poor value to the consumer who spent their hard-earned money on a product which did not meet expectations was the status quo of the telecommunications industry.

Apple has shaken up the world of computing, music and now the cell phone industry in a positive way, forcing its competitors to create devices that are better, have more useful functionality with an improved user interface and competitive prices.

In the end, this will drive superior products into the market, tipping the balance of corporations’ focus on pure profit and instead delivering useful and sought after products to the consumers that fund these companies’ coffers and ultimately bring more value to the table, which is just so important these days!

Has anyone gotten their hands on a new MacBook Pro or iPhone in the last month? If so, what are your thoughts about the perceived versus actual value of those products for you and the purpose(s) you task them with?

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