Mac OS X Lion and Your Business — Can They Work Together?

So the big news last month was that a new big cat tore onto the scene. That new cat would be the next major iteration of OS X, called Lion, and the scene would be the Mac! I’m super pumped to load it up on my Mac and take it for a spin. But the question that arises often with these major releases is: “Is it ready to be used in my office?” Or, just as relevant, “may I rely on it for my mission-critical projects or my livelihood?”

Download and installation of OS X Lion went pretty smoothly without any major hiccups. However, the machine on which I installed Lion was my personal MacBook Pro. I use this computer occasionally for work-related activity, relegating the tried and true previous OS X version, Snow Leopard, to the remaining Macs at my office. There are several reasons for this.

First, I don’t know how well the new OS works in everyday use. As with any office, there are numerous employees that are expected to get their work done with an acceptable level of quality and within a certain period of time. Can that be accomplished on a completely new operating system that boasts 250+ new end user features? A lot of those new features also deal with how you navigate among and interact with your data and files.

Second, not all of my mission-critical applications that are required for my business to function are compatible with OS X Lion. My practice management software, MacPractice, in particular falls into this category. I’m sure MacPractice developers are working hard on a compatible version as we speak but, at this point, treating my patients and serving my community and my referring doctors is of paramount importance and those things would not currently be possible on Lion. Time will also allow third-party developers to prepare and upgrade their apps to run well on Lion.

Third, learning the ins and outs of the Lion is incredibly important to me as a business owner because I need to know how to address any issues that may arise and threaten to decrease the productivity of my business.

Lastly, since quality patient care and my livelihood are dependent on my computer systems functioning optimally, I feel that Lion, just like any new operating system, should be given the opportunity to be used for some time by other Mac users in general so Apple and third-party developers can work out the kinks before subjecting my staff, patients and myself to the new roaring OS X feline, Lion.

All Shook Up

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