MacBook Air 2011 for your Business

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to purchase a new Mac for work. I bought the recently upgraded 11.6” MacBook Air and I’ve been using it for the past few days now. So what is my initial impression and how does it perform at work? Read on to find out….

I am not in the habit of immediately buying the latest and greatest computers shortly after they’re released by Apple or anyone else, but I have got to say, I was pretty excited when Apple announced the upgraded MacBook Air and, in particular, the 11.6” model with the Intel core i5 processor and backlit keyboard! However, this case is a bit unusual. You see, one of my MacBooks at work took an unexpected five-foot tumble onto the floor, resulting in an inability to close the screen due to structural damage in the front left portion  where the polycarbonite panel jutted out.

But, the computer still worked. My dilemma at that point was either to send the computer in for repair or buy a new machine. As the MacBook was past its extended warranty period and I require a fully functioning computer for work without worrying that the machine might stop working at any time, I opted to buy a new MacBook. My choice this time was the 11.6” MacBook Air because it is light and portable, which are the qualities needed in a machine that is transported from room to room in my practice, giving me omnipresent access to my patient’s records and x-rays.

What can I say, I Love it! There is a reason that all these reviews gave it high marks. (Macworld, Engadget, Laptop, CNET)


I purchased the model with a 1.6 GHz Intel core i5 processor, 4 GB RAM and 128 GB solid state storage running Mac OS X 10.7 Lion from Amazon. This diminutive notebook runs MacPractice and Windows XP via Parallels 6 concurrently and both applications extremely well. There is a real boost in speed and performance as compared to the old 13.3” MacBook (mid-2007 model) that it is replacing. The computer is strikingly attractive, light and functions like a full blown Mac OS X machine without any compromises.

The backlit keyboard and multitouch trackpad are incredibly useful and subtly aid your efficiency and productivity. The 11.6” screen can be somewhat small, especially if you’re used to working on 15” screens or larger, but Lion has Full Screen view that can be invoked for your apps to take advantage and maximize your screen real estate. In addition, the maximum storage you can get from this MacBook is 128GB (256 GB for the 13.3” MacBook Air). These are solid state drives that are faster, use less battery but they are also much more expensive than traditional hard drives. So if you need a place to house all your media (photos, videos and music) you can opt to store it on your Time Capsule and wirelessly access your media when you’re at home or purchase another computer with a traditional hard disk drive and more internal storage capacity.

This MacBook Air accesses all patient record and x-ray data from the Mac Pro in my office which houses all the databases. So internal storage is not an issue for me and I get all the advantages of this super slick Mac at work!

It is a glimpse of the future of mobile computing and it is brought to you, as always, from the most innovative and forward looking fruit company, Apple.


Have you recently picked up a MacBook Air? If so, tell us your thoughts!




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