I am Mark Degen, a healthcare professional who lives and works in Las Vegas, Nevada. I originally hail from New York City and moved to Sin City approximately five years ago. I have been a Windows PC user until Apple began to transition its computers to Intel processors. At that time I was in the market to buy a new notebook as my old Sony Vaio was 4 years old and did not behave like it did in its younger years. The Mac’s selling points for me were the look, two-finger scrolling, Intel processors and the ability to run Windows at native speeds.

After using my MacBook Pro for only a few days, the sheer elegance and simplicity while using the machine won me over. The frustration caused by using Windows for the prior 15 years was gone and that frustration was replaced with a sense of serenity and enjoyment when using Mac OS X on my new MacBook Pro. I have never used another Windows application for personal use since then.

Soon after, I converted my wife and she began using a Mac. In addition, after 4 years of using Windows-based practice management software and following a catastrophic breakdown of the Windows PC system in my office,  I converted the hardware in my office to Apple Macs. The feelings my staff and I had with respect to the old system consisted of fear, frustration and confusion.

Original Mac 128kA computer management system is needed to support the business and ensure that the appropriate information is delivered to healthcare professionals, patients and third parties.

Mistakes are not tolerated by any of the above mentioned parties.

My office is now completely digital and paperless. The network of Apple computers in my office consists of a Mac Pro that doubles as a work station and a server, five iMac desktops and two MacBook notebooks.

The practice management software I now use is MacPractice. I run a radiology program that is supported on Windows OS only.

Using Parallels and Windows XP, I am able to acquire, store and view patients radiographs in a window alongside all of my Mac OS X applications. All other programs that deal with the remaining functions of the practice are native to Mac OS X. The staff no longer fears the computers, nor do they become frustrated or confused in using the system. My office manager is no longer on the phone with tech support daily for hours at a time.

I can handle the hardware and software tech support myself with more confidence and success. I like not having to hand over control of my practice and business to someone I never met, in a remote location many miles away.

As I continue to deliver content on AppleHits, I will expand the Professionals section in an attempt to lend support, answer questions or point you in the right direction if you are thinking of getting any Apple products for professional use.

The goal is to have a system that is reliable and stable that requires less tech support and will resolve problems quickly. In business, that could mean the difference between success and failure. In my experience, Apples products have helped me achieve success.


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