How To Advertise on AppleHits

By Mark Degen

If you are an advertiser or ad agency who wants to target customers that are affluent, well-educated, business owners or professionals, who have considerable disposable income and buys online, AppleHits is an affordable resource for you.

AppleHits is a website whose mission is to discuss relevant topics that appeal to small and large business owners and professionals such as physicians, dentists and lawyers.

Apple’s Hit products, such as the Mac, iPhone and iPod, are incredibly successful and are gaining in popularity and new customers at a significantly rapid rate as compared to their competitors.

Due to the incredible popularity of these products, Apple products are now infiltrating the work place and pleasantly surprising business customers.

AppleHits’ readers are dedicated, loyal, knowledgeable and generally well educated and because this website’s target audience are professionals, they usually earn a much higher-than-average household income.

They are passionate about their digital lifestyle and Apple products are the center of their digital world, allowing them to be more productive and efficient in their personal and professional lives.

Articles, features, and commentary on AppleHits attract readers who want to learn more about the digital life and how best to apply new technologies to their personal and professional domains.

For advertisers, AppleHits provides attractive advertising options to enable you to reach the professional Apple audience. You can reach AppleHits’ premium readers with the Sponsorship package.

Monthly Sponsorship Packages

AppleHits provides rotating sponsorships of select advertising inventory in choice page locations and a variety of ad sizes. Sponsorship advertising rotates with other advertisers, so your ad will be one out of every four ad impressions delivered.

Ad sizes, placement locations, monthly rates, and effective CPM rates for all Sponsorship Packages are listed below:

720×90 Leaderboard – $250
This standard size runs on both the home page, article pages, as well as utility pages. The monthly rate is $250 (ads rotate through the inventory on all pages). The effective CPM is $5.

300×250 Content Rectangle – $400
Advertising embedded within articles is considered a premium advertising location and usually delivers the highest click through rates. The monthly rate for Content Rectangle placement is $400 (ads rotate through the inventory on all article pages). The effective CPM is $7.

120×600 Skyscraper – $300
Standard skyscraper ads provide optimal message real estate for both image advertising and click through. The monthly rate for Skyscraper placement is $300 (ads rotate through the inventory on all pages). The effective CPM is $6.

Multisize Rectangle – $250
This special advertising component is placed in the right and left columns of all pages on the site. The monthly rate for the Multisize Rectangle placement is $250 (ads rotate through the inventory on all pages). The effective CPM is $5.

25% discount may be applied to the purchase of two or more locations or rotations (up to a maximum of four). Contact me at AppleHits using the ‘Contact Us’ link at the end of this section or in the navigation menu above.

About AppleHits

AppleHits provides news, product reviews, editorial commentary, and reader comments on all things Apple from both a private consumer and professional and business perspective.

AppleHits is written and edited with a unique viewpoint by writers with varied backgrounds including medicine, dentistry, law and technology with experience in computers, media and product development.

AppleHits’ editorial focus is on Apple and its products. Apple’s products are the center of our digital lifestyle and offer many features with which to express ourselves at home and at work.

These products are the Mac, software applications, utilities, accessories, the insanely successful iPod and iPhone, and many subjects of interest, including business applications, practice management systems, radiograph and imaging applications, music, media, writing and web site design and construction.

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