Vision, Inspiration and Brilliance — the Hallmarks of Steve Jobs

Its been a couple of weeks now since Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO of Apple and became Chairman of the Board. It’s worth looking back and reflecting on some of what inspired him to build the “insanely great” products he built and the imprint they left on Apple and the world in general. His … Read More »

Mac OS X Lion and Your Business — Can They Work Together?

So the big news last month was that a new big cat tore onto the scene. That new cat would be the next major iteration of OS X, called Lion, and the scene would be the Mac! I’m super pumped to load it up on my Mac and take it for a spin. But the … Read More »

Steve Jobs Resigns as CEO

Shocking news yesterday. The headline said it all: “Steve Jobs resigns as CEO.” Well, almost all. He has been elected Chairman of the Board and Tim Cook has been named to the CEO position and he will also join the Board.  Since he returned to Apple, well over a decade ago, Steve has upended the … Read More »

Ten Must Have iPhone and iPad Apps for the Healthcare Provider

Are you a physician, dentist or other healthcare professional? Got a new iPad, iPod touch or iPhone (collectively know as iOS devices) for the holidays? Don’t know where to begin? No worries, sit back, relax, grab a cocktail and read this article, it’ll get you started on the way to increased productivity, less stress, greater … Read More »

Apple’s Mac OS X and iOS poised to take over the world?

It’s been more than three years since I outfitted my surgical practice with Apple Macs. This was done in response to a catastrophic failure of the Window PCs that graced my office before June 2007. So, has the switch to Apple Macs been all that? Has the Apple experience lived up to the hype or … Read More »

Hands on with the iPad

To sit by and just watch one of the most important days in the history of technology pass me by without the least bit of action would be, in my opinion, a catastrophe! So this past Saturday, I set my alarm for 8 am, got a hot cup of Java for the road and headed … Read More »

Five Must Have iPad Apps for your Business

April 3rd is right around the corner for those intrepid early adopters to get their hands on a WiFi only Apple iPad. Being able to run the more than 170,000 apps from the App Store makes this one powerful and versatile device. A large number of developers will be developing iPad specific software, but many … Read More »

What the iPad Could Mean for Healthcare and other Businesses

The iPad brings with it the potential to reshape many other professions, industries and businesses including healthcare, print and video media, to the benefit of consumers in a profound and permanent way. As an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, I am usually busy with three types of activities in my practice: 1) seeing consults, 2) performing … Read More »

Initial Thoughts on the iPad

On Wednesday this past week, Apple unveiled their vision of the future: the iPad. A bold move to create a new category of product, somewhere between a smartphone and a laptop, as described by Steve Jobs at the announcement. Do we really need another device to complicate our lives further? Or part with more of … Read More »

Mac OS X, Snow Leopard; What you should know before upgrading your business

The last month has been very exciting and worrisome all at the same time. Why, you ask? Well, because Snow Leopard was released early, some companies that issue mission-critical business software were not prepared to deliver proper compatibility of their applications with the new operating system. Some companies didn’t even acknowledge their programs’ compatibility status … Read More »

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