Earnings Up, More than one Billion Apps Sold and, coming soon, an Exciting Apple Future!

From your average iPhone, iPod and Mac user to Wall Street investors alike, Apple continues to impress everyone by reporting the “best non-holiday quarter revenue and earnings” in Apple’s history and the billionth App download for the iPhone/iPod Touch in just nine months. In what can only be described as “phenomenal,” this weeks recent disclosures … Read More »

What is going on with the iPhone 3.0?

On Tuesday, Apple gave a preview of the iPhone OS 3.0 Software. Let me say this: It was impressive! The iPhone 3.0 update brings with it greatly increased functionality including Cut, Copy and Paste as well as many more innovative and exciting features! Slated for release sometime “this summer,” the new update will be free … Read More »

What’s in Store for iPhone 3.0?

Late last week Apple invited the media to a special event to be held on March 17th in its Town Hall building in Cupertino. The purpose of the meeting is to give “an advanced preview of what we’re building” regarding iPhone 3.0. What could be in store for the OS X iPhone? The media event … Read More »

New Affordable Macs and iPod minutia?

Nearly two weeks ago, Apple refreshed their desktop line of computers. The Mac Mini, iMac and Mac Pro were all outfitted with more advanced technology at a a lower price point when compared to their respective previous models. Also, last week, the iPod Shuffle received a complete makeover with more innovative features stuffed into a … Read More »

Apple’s Continued Success Despite Tough Economic Times

Apple blew away Wall Street expectations, again, when it announced its quarterly earnings last week. The financial results posted by the company revealed record breaking quarterly revenue and net profit. For more details and analysis of what was reported, read on…. Apple posted its best ever record quarterly revenue of $10.17 billion and record quarterly … Read More »

Apple Mac, It’s Your Birthday!

Twenty five years ago the Mac made its debut on January 24, 1984. This machine was responsible for fundamentally redefining how we interact with computers today. The experience each of us enjoy when using our computers could have been mostly painful and agonizing, not to mention require formal schooling to perform the most menial of … Read More »

The App Store Hits 500 Million Downloads and 15,000 Apps!

On Friday Apple announced that over 15,000 applications are available on the App Store and over 500 million apps were downloaded since its launch on July 11 2008! This news was conveyed to everyone on their website homepage. The last disclosure regarding the App Store’s statistics was made back on December 5th through print ads … Read More »

Steve Jobs and Apple Inc. Will they Survive Without Each Other?

Can one man so strongly identify with a multi-billion dollar corporation so as to be considered one and the same? Some people would argue that it can happen, especially in the case of Steve Jobs and Apple. So, it is disturbing to hear that Mr. Jobs sent an e-mail to Apple employees yesterday stating, upon … Read More »

iReview Macworld Keynote ‘09

At the Macworld Keynote, Phil Schiller introduced updates to Apple’s popular iLife and iWork Suites and announced a redesigned 17” MacBook Pro with breakthrough technology. The “One Last Thing….” addendum to the presentation publicized the end of Digital Rights Management (DRM) for music and the new ability to download songs over the 3G cellular network … Read More »

Rumors Abound for Macworld 2009!

So it’s that time of the year again! Macworld starts today but the keynote, given this year by Phil Schiller, is scheduled for tomorrow. This gives us a day to gather our thoughts and review the rumors making their way to you by way of Apple Bloggers, Apple-Centric news websites and the media in general. … Read More »

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