Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from AppleHits

As 2011 draws to a close, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and a great New Year! This year has seen the arrival of many terrific products, including two incredible ones from Apple, namely the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S. Unfortunately, the passing of the great tech visionary and cofounder of … Read More »

Simply Apple Podcast #5 “Steve Jobs and Beyond”

This week has been a significant week for Apple and the world in general. The new iPhone 4S was unveiled by Apple on Tuesday and just a day later, Steve Jobs passed away. Eugene and I discuss how that news impacted our lives and what we were able to learn from a truly remarkable man … Read More »

Buying the next iPhone, will it be worth it?

Unless you’ve taken an extended vacation on a small remote island over the last few months, you might have heard some rumblings (a.k.a. rumors) about a new iPhone that will be announced by Apple on Tuesday the 4th. So where does that leave you? Well, it depends. Do you already have an iPhone? What model and what carrier … Read More »

Simply Apple Podcast #4

Even before the week was up, Eugene and I were hard at work getting another must hear podcast episode uploaded and ready for your listening enjoyment! In this episode we talk about the iPod Halo Effect, comparing and contrasting the Amazon Fire with Apple’s iPad, using virtualization programs such as Parallels and VMware Fusion when … Read More »

Simply Apple Podcast #3

Hi All! So my good friend Eugene Gordin and I completed another terrific podcast! We talk about a number of interesting topics including the Mac and iOS File Systems, HIPAA compliance with regards to FaceTime and a few cool applications listed below. So relax and enjoy with your favorite beverage of choice. Episode #3 Titled: … Read More »

Eugene and Mark’s Podcast #2 on AppleHits

Hope you all enjoyed our first podcast available online here on AppleHits! Our next Podcast is uploaded and ready for your listening enjoyment. It includes observations on database, organizational applications and  accounting programs. As usual, the wit, the humor and the info brought to you by Eugene and Mark in a unique and entertaining way! … Read More »

Eugene and Mark’s Podcast #1 on AppleHits

My good friend and fellow Apple enthusiast, Eugene Gordin, and myself discuss great topics such as productivity applications for personal and professional endeavors and about Apple in general. Makes for a great listen. Let me know if you have any questions, thoughts or recommendations in the comments below! Thanks for listening and enjoy! Here it … Read More »

Vision, Inspiration and Brilliance — the Hallmarks of Steve Jobs

Its been a couple of weeks now since Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO of Apple and became Chairman of the Board. It’s worth looking back and reflecting on some of what inspired him to build the “insanely great” products he built and the imprint they left on Apple and the world in general. His … Read More »

Mac OS X Lion and Your Business — Can They Work Together?

So the big news last month was that a new big cat tore onto the scene. That new cat would be the next major iteration of OS X, called Lion, and the scene would be the Mac! I’m super pumped to load it up on my Mac and take it for a spin. But the … Read More »

Apple’s Mac OS X and iOS poised to take over the world?

It’s been more than three years since I outfitted my surgical practice with Apple Macs. This was done in response to a catastrophic failure of the Window PCs that graced my office before June 2007. So, has the switch to Apple Macs been all that? Has the Apple experience lived up to the hype or … Read More »

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