Hands on with the iPad

To sit by and just watch one of the most important days in the history of technology pass me by without the least bit of action would be, in my opinion, a catastrophe! So this past Saturday, I set my alarm for 8 am, got a hot cup of Java for the road and headed … Read More »

How to Backup your Business Data Cost Efficiently on your Mac!

The integrity of your data, especially your business information, is paramount to achieving success. If the information you rely on for your livelihood is compromised in any way, it could threaten your ability to generate revenue in the short term, at best, or cause you to shut down your operations, at worst. Either way, the … Read More »

My Top Ten Apps as The iTunes App Store Turns One

It’s been a banner year for Apple, the Mac, iPod, iPhone and especially the App Store. With over 56,000 apps available today and well over one billion downloads before its first birthday, the App Store is fundamentally challenging our notions of what we can expect from our cell phones. There has never been a more … Read More »

First Hands-On Impressions of the iPhone 3G S

So I understood that there was a pre-order option. I also heard that the iPhone OS 3.0 update was free and gave you most of the enhanced functionality of the new iPhone 3G S on the old iPhone 3G. Not to mention that more money would have to be spent in order to join the … Read More »

Customer Care: The True Story of a Mac in Distress!

Recently, my iMac at home began experiencing graphic distortions that affected desktop icons and a myriad of different applications. Also, while editing and organizing my iPhoto library, kernel panics began to occur with increasing frequency whereas before there were none. So after performing an archive and install of OS X Leopard with no change in … Read More »

How to Take Back Control Over Your (Windows) Business with a Mac!

Say you’re responsible for making money to pay the bills (i.e., the bread winner). Say you use technology to help you achieve your goals (see prior statement). What happens if the entrenched technology (Windows PC) you use doesn’t allow you to achieve the goals you’ve set because that technology has now become too limiting, inefficient … Read More »

A turbulent shift is upon us on a global scale, where is Apple in this maelstrom?

The shift in the global economy and climate is both alarming and frightening. Day after day, the news reports are filled with repetitive themes of calamity that seem to be strengthening in scope and scale. Banks, automobile and insurance companies have been brought to their knees in just a short time period. Mass layoffs and … Read More »

Free Music on your Mac, iPhone or iPod Touch at Home, in the Car or at the Office!

If you love music and use it to help achieve relaxation and a sense of tranquility at home, in your car or at your workplace, then providing musical content that is both inexpensive and with limited or, better still, nonexistent irritating advertisements is a priority. This would eliminate traditional AM/ FM and satellite radio options … Read More »

Doctors, Disease and Apple Stock

Here are a few thoughts on Steve Jobs and the ensuing medical analysis that followed his recent notification to Apple employees regarding his medical leave of absence. As a fellow doctor monitoring the situation surrounding Mr. Jobs, I find it disturbing that the current media barrage of medical assessments are based solely on his history … Read More »

Happy New Year from Everyone at AppleHits!

The New Year brings with it time for reflection on the past and excitement, hope and anticipation for the future. May this New Year bring you health, happiness and prosperity! If you have any questions or suggestions on what material, topics or issues related to Apple and its products that we should address here at … Read More »

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