Simply Apple Podcast #14 Featuring Devonthink App Discussion

Happy New Years to everyone! Welcome to 2012! This Simply Apple Podcast that Eugene and I recorded last week is truly awesome. We discussed numerous topics including Devonthink Technology apps such as Devonthink Pro and Pro Office with Nathan Douglas, a Devonthink power user- This great interview should not be missed! In addition we are … Read More »

The new iPhone 4S where the “S” most definitely stands for “Siri”!

I wrote an article a few months ago asking whether or not it was worth upgrading your phone to the brand new, just released iPhone 4S. So, the short answer: YES. For the long answer with more details, keep reading…… The great thing about AT&T is if you have a few lines on your account … Read More »

MacBook Air 2011 for your Business

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to purchase a new Mac for work. I bought the recently upgraded 11.6” MacBook Air and I’ve been using it for the past few days now. So what is my initial impression and how does it perform at work? Read on to find out…. I am not … Read More »

iamakey USB Flash Drive for the Mobile Business Professional

How many times have you needed your USB portable flash drive and realized you had left it on your desk at the office?  How about being at a party where the host wants to give you the photos she took at your kid’s birthday party and your trusty flash drive is in your laptop bag … Read More »

Perform Mass Mailings and Label Inventory Easily with Labels & Addresses

Labels and Addresses from BeLight Software is a superb application that is used daily in my office mainly to print addresses on envelopes and streamline mass mailings. However, it also can be used to print bar codes and price tags and it can allow you to design postcards and party invitations. In today’s difficult economic … Read More »

Turn Text into Art with Art Text 2

Have you ever wanted to jazz up that family website or business presentation with unique headings or textual graphics? What about creating memorable logos or icons for those brochures or flyers that announce your personal special event or professional meeting? Dare to stand out in the crowd with Art Text 2. You can project an … Read More »

iPhoto ‘09: Tips and Tricks [Faces Edition]

With iPhoto ‘09 out for a few months now, I thought I’d write a post with Tips and Tricks for it that I have discovered while playing with this great piece of software. This will be the first installment of the iPhoto ‘09 Tips and Tricks posts, and focuses on the new Faces feature.  I … Read More »

Snail Mail: Alive and Well But Made Easy on Your Mac

Are you using the United States Postal Service regularly for mailing out important documents for your home or business? Do you find yourself or your employees routinely at the post office waiting in line to buy stamps or send mail? There is a solution that is available for your Mac to save you those headaches … Read More »

How your Mac can help if you’re “On Call” for your Medical or Dental Practice

In my practice, I am expected to be accessible to my patients at all times—day or night—in case of an emergency. In order to remain accessible, there are a number of different solutions that can be implemented and used during office-hour breaks and for after-hour communications. These options range from direct access to you via … Read More »

A Medical Library in Your Pocket for the Healthcare Professional

Tired of carrying around multiple medical reference books and then trying to discern the pertinent from the irrelevant information? Fed up with constantly looking at the index or table of contents and thumbing through hundreds of pages to find what you’re looking for? Finding it difficult to juggle inputting medical formulas and fumbling between your … Read More »

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