Making Dinner Reservations on your iPhone Without Hassle and Without Talking to Anyone!

Valentine’s day creeping up on you quickly? Out of ideas for taking your loved one out “for that special night?” Or any other night for that matter? Don’t have time to look up and call several different restaurants to find out if they have the cuisine or reservations available for the times you are interested … Read More »

The Essential Component to a Paperless Office

Stacks of paper, even in an organized configuration can be both tedious to look through and take up precious storage space. In today’s modern world, digital files are only a “search” away and there is no good reason for you not to leverage modern technology to your advantage. But how do you efficiently convert physical … Read More »

What You Need to Know About Wireless Networking, Part 2

Luckily for us computer users, Apple has created three easy to use networking tools.  These products, Airport Express, Airport Extreme and Time Capsule, can be used in the home or office setting.  In this article I will go through what each of these products offer. Continuing from my previous article that detailed the basics of … Read More »

In Pursuit of the Complete Paperless Office with PDFpen

Almost everyday there are documents (in paper and digital form) that cross your “desktop” at home or at work that require you to fill them out with requested information, including a signature and date. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to edit, fill out and even sign your documents right on your Mac to … Read More »

How MobileMe Saved My Life! And other cool things about MobileMe!

No, it didn’t push me out of the way of an oncoming train or defibrillate my heart but it did put me back in control after a cataclysmic, by my standards, event. Picture this scenario, you’re attending a professional conference by yourself in a city you’ve never been to. You have a busy schedule, which … Read More »

Information is Power! Time is Money! How to Have It All On Your Apple Mac and iPhone!

The connection between information and power is extremely important today, as it has been throughout history. The difference between then and now, is the vast amount of information, both relevant and irrelevant, that is available to you and the speed and convenience with which you can access it. But today, there are more efficient methods … Read More »

The Complete Real Paperless Office

How To Eliminate Paper Completely From Your Life and Embrace the Digital Age End the document “paper trail” by digitizing, organizing, filling out, faxing and performing everything in between on your Mac! There is no doubt that over the last few years, paper has become a great concern for me in my personal and professional … Read More »

1Password: The only password manager worth remembering!

These days it is entirely plausible to have hundreds of passwords for online services and memberships. One has the seemingly impossible task of memorizing all of one’s passwords if you utilize strong passwords in an effort to thwart theft or tampering of sensitive personal information. Having to remember all those login details is near impossible … Read More »

The Top 5 Bare Mac Essentials

So here you are, facing your beautiful new Mac, wondering what sorts of applications you simply must install. After being in this very situation many times myself, and helping numerous friends with their new Macs, I have developed a list of apps that I simply cannot live without. 1. Quicksilver This is the ultimate application … Read More »

What You Need to Know About Wireless Networking for Your Home

Today’s lesson – home wireless networking!  This may sound simple to some, but you would be surprised as to how many people are confused with home wireless networking and all the features and fun things you can do with a home network. This series of articles will have general information on how to get started … Read More »

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